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Math equations

Why should you major in Math? Well, for starters...

A math major prepares you for many interesting, important, satisfying, well-paid jobs. Mason Mathematics professor Evelyn Sander (and Editor in Chief, SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems), offers a few examples:

  • Why Do Math has a number of high level specific examples showing that math solves important and interesting problems. Dr. Math’s Why Study Math gives a lower level answer to this question.
  • When Will I Use Math shows how important math is in every type of training.
  • Exploring a Career With Numbers describes some careers available to math and related majors. 
  • Forbes Magazine rated mathematician as the Best Job of 2014, with tenured university professor, statistician, and actuary as the next three best.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s 2009 Career Journal  rated mathematician, actuary, and  statistician as the three best jobs. 
  • Why Major in Math gives detailed statistics to show that math majors do well on entrance exams, have high salaries, and have high job satisfaction.  
  • The Mathematical Association of America’s Mathematics Careers gives further information about careers, as well as a link to books on math careers. Career Profiles gives specific examples. 
  • The SIAM Careers in Math gives an overview of different careers available with a math major. 
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