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Mason's College of Science is a research powerhouse. And we deliver.

As an R1 university—a classification for institutions with the highest level of research—Mason has the people, funding, and facilities to support broad, interdisciplinary studies, as well as specialized research. Our results-oriented scientists create and share new knowledge and develop innovative techniques that impact society, the economy, and the environment. We believe that research should be used to make a difference in our communities and the world. 


View the latest Mason Science Series lecture on preparing for the next pandemic

Ramin Hakami discusses his promising research surrounding improved infectious disease treatments if faced with another pandemic.

Research with a capital “R”

World-class research universities attract world-class talent. We produce scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who drive innovation and produce new insights that address pressing world problems and improve human life. As a result, faculty, students, and alumni of the College of Science regularly receive recognition for their work through awards, grants, and fellowships.


$34 million

Total research expenditures for AY 2019. 


Mason is the largest public top tier research university in Virginia.


The college's percent of Mason's total number of research proposals, the largest share. 

Molecular Medicine at Mason

At the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine’s (CAPMM), the primary emphasis of disease research is cancer, but new technologies developed in the center are being applied to a number of important human diseases. Research, like that being done at CAPMM, provides strategies for personalized treatment with the goal of providing physicians key missing molecular information about the disease in each of their patients and improving the quality of life for patients.