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2023 Celebration of Success Award Winners

On Monday, December 4, Dean Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm joined more than 150 faculty and staff at the college’s Celebration of Success, an end of year celebration of all Mason Science faculty and staff contributions. 

Mason Science faculty and staff group photo

Celebration of Success Dean's Awards

Dean’s Big Challenge Award 
Eligible employees: I/R Faculty
The Dean’s Big Challenge Award is for a faculty member who has best contributed to solving one of the world’s biggest problems.

Dean’s Creative Educator Award 
Eligible employees: I/R Faculty
The Dean’s Creative Educator Award is for faculty engaged in efforts in cross-disciplinary education, innovative approaches to education, development of inclusive curriculum and pedagogy, enrichment of students' educational experience outside the classroom, and the embedding of entrepreneurship as an integral part of students' academic experience.

Dean’s Award for Early Career Excellence
Eligible employees: I/R Faculty
The Dean’s Award for Early Career Excellence is for faculty with under five years’ of service in the College of Science who have achieved notable success and have increased the profile for their Department and the College. Faculty nominees must show exceptional accomplishment in teaching and/or research that aligns with University and College commitments to collegiality and AJEDI (Access, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), thus clearly establishing themselves as excellent faculty members. While they need not excel in all areas of faculty activity, they should be clearly superior in at least one area and not obviously deficient in any areas.

Dean’s Award for Excellence in AJEDI
Eligible employees: I/R and A/P Faculty
The Dean’s Award for Excellence in AJEDI is for faculty who demonstrate excellence in the areas of Access, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, by going above and beyond what is typically expected in teaching, research, service and community outreach, and other efforts.

Dean’s Impact Award 
Eligible employees: I/R and A/P Faculty
The Dean’s Impact Award is for any faculty member who has achieved success, made a notable impact, and brought recognition to our college.

Dean's Teaching Excellence Award
Eligible employees: All faculty members (tenure-track, tenured, term, and adjuncts) who have completed at least 3 years of full-time teaching in the College of Science. 
Nominations are accepted across all teaching modalities. Candidates should demonstrate growth and development as an educator, student and learner engagement, assessment of student learning and achievement, teaching effectiveness and impact and that aligns with the university and college commitment to AJEDI.

Dean’s Outstanding Staff Award
Eligible employees: Classified Staff
The Dean’s Outstanding Staff Award recognizes a Classified Staff member's dedication to the well-being and operation of the college and the administrative units thereof. Individuals nominated shall exemplify strong capability, fidelity to the College’s AJEDI vision, and commitment and service to the Mason Science and University community. Specific examples of the outstanding duties performed should be emphasized in the nomination.

Dean’s Research Scientist Award 
Eligible employees: I/R Faculty
The Dean’s Research Scientist Award recognizes research excellence evidenced by the discovery of new knowledge as demonstrated by published work in books, journals and leading conferences; invited talks, prizes, inventions, patents and other recognitions; and/or the track record of their competitive research funding.

Dean’s Research Support Award
Eligible employees: All Employees*
The Dean’s Research Support Award recognizes employees actively involved in supporting a solid research program in basic or applied sciences that has gained significant national and international attention. It must be clear that the nominee has made a valuable and innovative contribution to research in the college.  

Dean’s Creating Unity through AJEDI Award
Eligible employees: Classified Staff
The Dean’s Creating Unity Award acknowledges the significant achievements of staff members who take positive steps to create a culture and climate of respect and inclusion, value differences, model civility, and find innovative ways to improve opportunities for the diverse communities we work in and serve. Individuals whose primary roles include the promotion of equity and diversity are eligible for this award when they have demonstrated achievements above and beyond work expectations for their job.

Dean’s Centricity Award
Eligible employees: Classified Staff and Non-Student Wage
The Dean’s Centricity Award acknowledges staff members who establish and maintain positive, collegial, and effective working relationships with fellow staff, faculty, students and other internal/external stakeholders. They are dedicated to continuously improving productive interactions and frequently exceed expectations by demonstrating excellence in customer service - communications, problem solving, adaptability, and maintaining a professional attitude

Dean’s Mentorship Award
Eligible employees: All Employees*
The Dean’s Mentorship Award acknowledges college employees who made a positive impact on their colleagues through effective mentorship, coaching and/or supervision. This is an employee who serves as a role model and mentor to their colleagues, helping them to develop and improve their skills, acclimate to new positions, or learn new processes so that they can achieve success.

Dean’s Emerging Leader Award
Eligible employees: All Employees*
The Dean’s Emerging Leader Award is for employees who are highly engaged, lead the charge to tackle initiatives and promote cultural change, and strive to empower others. These employees are natural leaders who inspire others and who, regardless of position or title, exceed the responsibilities of their position in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to departmental and College success. Moreover, the Emerging Leader helps put forward other employees who can serve as mentors and role models.

Dean’s Engagement Award
Eligible employees: All Employees*
The Dean’s Engagement Award recognizes an employee who extends their commitment to the University through exemplary participation in volunteer activities within the College/University, through service on committees, working on special projects, or volunteering to assist with events or programs (e.g., Commencement and/or Convocation) that are outside of the scope of their normal job duties. This does not include service activities required for Faculty according to university policy.

Dean’s Student Service Award 
Eligible employees: Classified Staff and Non-Student Wage
The Dean’s Student Service Award recognizes a staff member’s ongoing commitment to providing expert service to our students and upholding our college mission. The award is for an exemplary colleague who has demonstrated initiative and creativity, exceptional individual and/or team contributions, and continuous improvements in the way we support student success.

Dean’s Rising Star Award 
Eligible employees: Classified Staff hired within past 1-3 years
The Dean’s Rising Star Award recognizes a staff member with one to three years’ service who has made a unique departmental contribution to embracing the Mason Science spirit. This employee demonstrates high performance in their role with a proven track record of building interdepartmental relationships that lead to continuous improvement. The employee must have at least 1 year of service in COS to be eligible for this award.

*Eligible employees: All employees include I/R - Tenure-Track, Tenured, Term, Adjunct, AP Faculty, Classified Staff and non-student wage. GRAs, GTAs, and student wage are not eligible.

All awards include $1500 (due to taxing policies, awardees should receive $1k)