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45th Anniversary of the MMPA: co-author Dr. Lee Talbot gives remarks on Capitol Hill

The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) was the first legislation to call specifically for an ecosystem approach to wildlife management. It was signed into law on October 21, 1972 by President Richard Nixon, and took effect 60 days later on December 21, 1972.

To celebrate its long-standing success and ensure its continued protection, Oceana and its allies organized an anniversary event in Washington, D.C., featuring a lobby day and special reception on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Lee Talbot, professor of environmental science in the ESP department, was one of the co-authors. He gave remarks at a special reception on Capitol Hill, attended by Members of Congress, marine mammal experts and lobby day participants. 

Dr. Talbot had earlier written an op-ed that was published by The Hill on November 14, 2017 on the MMPA, which by this time had come under attack from the oil and gas industry.

Please click on the link below to read Oceana’s news coverage of the event (and see if you can find both our ESP professors in the images attached to the article).

Long live our marine mammals!