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Testing DNA

Chemistry student among top Virtual Celebration of Student Scholarship presentations

Chemistry's Christopher Veatch presenting research

Congratulations to chemistry major, Christopher Veatch, for receiving a top presentation honor at OSCAR's Virtual Celebration of Student Scholarship. Veatch presented on "Fabricating and Optimizing Iron Nanorods for Controlled Navigation and Drug Delivery in Extracellular Matrices" under the mentorship of Jeffrey Moran, Mechanical Engineering.

"Mason’s OSCAR program and its events offer students numerous opportunities to demonstrate and refine their research presentation skills while sharing their incredible scientific discoveries,” said Andrea Cobb, Director of Student Research and Internships. 

“This is one of many opportunities for receive invaluable multidisciplinary feedback and build awareness of one’s research efforts,” Cobb added.

Be sure to check out Christopher's presentation as well as the other 23 College of Science students who participated.

Those students include:

Identification of cisplatin and transplatin in pure solution of diamminedichloroplatinum (II) with UV-vis spectroscopy
Author(s): Valeria Galemba Mentor(s): Giordano Paniconi, Chemistry

How the Brain Processes Music Thereby Evoking Positive Emotions
Author(s): Sheima Farjah Mentor(s): Maoria Kirker, University Libraries

An Analysis of Young Blood Plasma Transfusions in the rtg4510 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Author(s): Jonathan Sanchez Mentor(s): Jane Flinn, Neutoscience

Investigation into the Relationship between Autoimmune Disease and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Author(s): Timnit Sisay Mentor(s): Lynn Gerber, Health Administration and Policy

Reentry Program and What Makes Them Successful: A Different Approach
Author(s): Savanna Hart Mentor(s): Janna L Mattson, University Libraries

The Mechanisms of Survival for Hypothetical Venusian Life.
Author(s): Jacob Trusky Mentor(s): Davis Kuykendall, Philosophy

The Effects of Human-Animal Interaction on Mammals
Author(s): Lydia Bradshaw Mentor(s): Audrey Butler, Honors College

The Effects of Systemic Racism on Predominantly Black High Schools
Author(s): Kennedy Wood Mentor(s): Davis Kuykendall, Philosophy

Tardigrades: Keys to a Safer Space-Based Journey
Author(s): Mounia Hammadi Mentor(s): Lisa Gring-Pemble, School of Business

The Impacts of the Google Effect on Brain Activity in Adolescents versus Adults
Author(s): Eileen Nolan Mentor(s): Melanie Fedri, Honors College

Climatic Effects on the U.S. National Security
Author(s): Emma Von Hoene Mentor(s): Richard Todd Stafford, Honors College

The Neurochemistry of Schizophrenia
Author(s): Fatima Rafie Mentor(s): Ashley Blinstrub, Honors College

The Effectiveness of Treatments in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with affected ALK Genes
Author(s): Kenneth Axelbank Mentor(s): Janna Mattson, Honors College

Ambiguity of Diversity and Inclusion Claims Surrounding University Admissions
Author(s): Fazeela Wadan Mentor(s): Blake Silver, Sociology & Anthropology

Behavioural Epigenetics – The Effect of Childhood Adversity
Author(s): Shams Al Jassar Mentor(s): Lisa Gring-Pemble, School of Business

Defining Sarcopenia and Measuring the Effect of Muscle Loss
Author(s): Natalie VanderNoot Mentor(s): Lynn Gerber, Health Administration and Policy

The Effect of Retinoids on Zebrafish Development
Author(s): Jasmine James Mentor(s): Valerie Olmo, Biology

Frog Species Survival in the Presence of Dam Systems
Author(s): Jason Motley Mentor(s): Richard Todd Stafford, Honors College

Achilles and Patroclus
Author(s): Alicia Goyone Mentor(s): Ashley Blinstrub, University Libraries

Ant Biodiversity in Northern Virginia
Author(s): Meredith Hart Mentor(s): Richard Todd Stafford, Honors College; Joris van de Hamm, Environmental Science and Policy

The Effect of Reservation Life on the Mental Health of Native Americans
Author(s): Ustat Goraya Mentor(s): Thomas Wood, Honors College

The Vital Roles of Low Molecular Weight Thiols in Francisella tularensis
Author(s): Alexander Marchesani Mentor(s): Monique van Hoek, School of Systems Biology

Is There More to the Mediterranean Diet than Fish Oil When It Comes To Quelling Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms?
Author: Zack Yates Mentor: Sharon Doetsch-Kidder, Honors College