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CSS Student Invited to Present Poster at MaGIC

CSS Student Invited to Present Poster at MaGIC​​

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Unchitta Kan, Computational Social Science (CSS) student, recently displayed a poster at the, Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference (MaGIC), a two-day event “highlighting the outstanding research of our graduate student community.” According to the MaGIC site, “students exhibit their research papers, posters and presentations in an environment that closely mirrors professional scholarly practice.”

The poster, The Heterogeneous Distribution of Non-coresident Family Across Metropolitan Areas in the United States, explores the non-trivial relationship between characteristics of metropolitan areas and the existence of local, non-coresident family ties, Unchitta explains. The study offers a new lens to look at the urban social fabric and how individuals within different cities interact with various types of non-household social contacts.


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Identifying and characterizing the heterogeneity in the availability of family across U.S. metros—as is done in the study—has interesting implications, according to Kan and her co-authors, Jericho MacLeod, CSI graduate student, and Eduardo López, CDS faculty, in social structures of cities, urban and family economics, as well as infectious disease spread modeling.

A 2nd-year PhD student and presidential scholar in the Computational Social Science program, Unchitta’s current research interests are in the intersection of computation and urban sociology/planning. In particular, she is interested in using data, GIS, and computational tools to understand phenomena around the spatial distribution of resources and people in cities

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