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Mason Mathematics Professor Receives Simon's Foundation Collaboration Grant

The Simon’s Travel Grant for Mathematicians provides researchers in the math community with funding for travel and collaboration, with the goal of stimulating progress on the research of fundamental questions in the mathematical research community. The Simon’s Foundation provides this grant to researchers which they deem capable of tackling those problems which are of great importance, hence it is a distinguished honor to receive this grant. The Department of Mathematical Sciences would like to congratulate Dr. Kirsch for her reception of the Simon’s Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians.  

Dr. Kirsch is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at George Mason University. Her research areas include graph theory and combinatorics, particularly enumerative and extremal graph theory, combinatorics on words, universal cycles, and crossing numbers.  

With this grant, Dr. Kirsch plans to provide graduate students with assistance attending conferences and workshops. Additionally, it will be used to invite her collaborators to visit George Mason.