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Mathematical Sciences Welcomes New Faculty - Fall 2022

Scott Carson, Term Assistant Professor

Scott Carson completed his integrated Master's degree in Mathematics at the University of York in 2017. Continuing his studies at York, he earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics on 'Semigroup and Monoid Presentations' under the supervision of Professor Victoria Gould in 2022. Dr. Carson is a semigroup theorist by training, and his research interests are algebraic in nature. 

Sam Fairchild

Samuel Fairchild, Term Assistant Professor

Sam Fairchild earned his Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara before joining Mason this fall.  Sam’s interests are in ring theory and machine learning, as well as pedagogical methods to improve inclusive learning in the classroom.



Ermias Kassaye

Ermias Kassaye, Term Instructor

Ermias Kassaye has been teaching undergraduate mathematics and physics for over 10 years at Howard Community College, Montgomery College and Bay Atlantic University. His research interests are Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and mathematics education. He has started teaching undergraduate Mathematics courses at George Mason university since Fall 2022.  


Yiannis Loizides

Yiannis Loizides, Assistant Professor

Yiannis Loizides completed a PhD at the University of Toronto in 2017 and held postdoctoral positions at Penn State and Cornell. His research interests include differential geometry, symplectic/Poisson geometry, and noncommutative geometry. One current focus is to extract geometric/topological information about moduli spaces encoded in families of differential operators.