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Atmospheric science

Modeling Symposium Schedule Set

AOES has finalized the 2021 schedule for its Earth Systems Observations and Modeling Graduate Symposium.  The symposium will be held as a teleconference on Earth Day, 22 April 2021. 

The day will begin with a keynote address by George Mason Physics Professor Michael Summers, an expert on planetary atmospheres.  The symposium finishes after a Career Panel discussion with AOES faculty member Kathy Pegion, LabCorp data scientist Ahmed Tawik, and AOES alumns Drew Badger and Nickolas Lybarger.

Student seminars will address topics that include the predictability of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability, subseasonal hurricane forecasts, aerosol effects on Pacific climate change,  the California Current System, and Madden-Julian Oscillation.


snapshot of MJO dynamics

MJO dynamics, figure courtesy of Kai Huang and Kathy Pegion.