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Gravitational wave

Project funded to revise ionization rates and developing software for CHIANTI

Kenneth Dere, Research Professor, Physics and Astronomy,received funding from NASA for: "Revised ionization rates and software development for CHIANTI." 

CHIANTI is a set of atomic data that, together with user-friendly programs written in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and Python, scientists use to calculate the spectra from astrophysical plasmas. 

Dere is in possession of the measured cross-sections and has completed the CHIANTI format for reproducing them.  

He will test those cross-sections by integration into the CHIANTI database.  

He will also calculate a new ionization equilibrium.  

Dere will also write a scientific paper detailing his findings in this project. 

Dere received $33,000 from NASA for this project. Funding began in October 2022 and will end in late September 2023.