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Quintin Carroll wins Leaders in Chemistry Scholarship for 2024-2025

The Awards Committee for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are pleased to announce the winner of the Leaders in Chemistry Scholarship for 2024-2025: Quintin Carroll 

Quintin Carroll is a junior biochemistry student whose academic ambitions extend beyond the classroom. Quintin began his interest in biochemistry working closely with a pharmacist. Learning the mechanisms by which pharmaceuticals interacted with the human body intrigued him enough to continue his pursuits in drug discovery. George Mason gave Quintin the opportunity to conduct research with faculty members, where he can further understand pharmaceutical mechanisms to develop effective antibiotics for tuberculosis. Outside of school, Quintin enjoys watching movies and playing competitive games with friends. Quintin aspires to become a leader in science to inspire other minoritized students to pursue their goals in the sciences and influence scientific policy for a more equitable world.

Quintin Carroll

Here is an excerpt from Quintin's statement: 

"When recounting my leadership and volunteer roles within chemistry, my journey began with work in a pharmacy, where my pharmacist at the time introduced me to concepts like molecular targeting and structural relationships, igniting my passion for the field. It was here that I developed a passion for guiding my coworkers through chemistry concepts in their certification exams. In the spring of 2023, transferring to George Mason University from a community college allowed me to fully immerse myself in chemistry, engaging in discussions with peers on small-molecule interactions and structural activity relationships. Volunteering my time in research further deepened my understanding and passion, allowing me to apply my knowledge to explain phenomena in my experiments. Through mentoring ASSIP students in the lab, I honed leadership skills like patience, empathy, and effective instruction. acquired from my pharmacy experience and felt inspired to pursue more leadership roles within my time in and out of the laboratory. However, contrary to my experience in pharmacy, there was a slim representation of minority students and leaders such as myself. Sparking a desire for a future where all backgrounds collaborate in the sciences. My role as an undergraduate researcher serves as a platform to refine these leadership qualities with the goal of contributing to initiatives like the learning assistant program at Mason in hopes of realizing this vision. As a student who once struggled in the sciences, I want other students to have the support that I obtained from my pharmacist and my research mentor so other students don’t feel isolated in their pursuits."

This award along with many other department awards will be presented at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Ceremony on Tuesday April 30, 2024, from 3-4pm in Exploratory Hall 3301.