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Atmospheric science

Richmond Times-Dispatch Profiles New Climate Center

The Richmond Times-Dispatch recently did a story on George Mason's new Virginia Climate Center (VCC): New center to help Virginia prepare for climate change.

The article features an interview with AOES Professor Jim Kinter, head of VCC.  Kinter compared the new center to university agricultural extension services, helping local governments factor in climate and climate change when making decisions about infrastructure, public health, and other areas of concern. 

VCC's work has been kick-started with a $2 million NOAA grant for a Congressionally-directed Community Project sponsored by Rep. Jerry Connolly (D-VA). The Times-Dispatch article also described work being done by Luis Ortiz,who is a new AOES faculty member and VCC member.  Ortiz conducted a study of the health impacts of the 2020 Virginia Clean Economy Act which showed that the law could save Virginia $3 billion to $7 billion in health costs over the next 20 years.