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Gravitational wave

Spring 2020 Physics Colloquium Series

All Colloquia will take place at 3:00PM in Planetary Hall 131.

Date: January 24
Speaker: Ana Damjanovic, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Towards Realistic Simulations of Ion Channels

Special Colloquium Date: January 30
Speaker: Peter Siefried, University of Colorado, Boulder
Title: Spin Textures and Electronic Transport in Magnetic Materials

Date: January 31
Speaker: Rebecca Dally, NIST Center for Neutron Research
Title: Frustration and Magnetic Interactions in Kagome Lattices: Studies Using Neutron Scattering Techniques

Date: February 7
Speaker: James R. Morris, AMES Lab
Title: Learning from High Entropy Alloys: New Methods and Concepts for Understanding and Predicting Material Behavior

Date: February 14
Speaker: Jeffrey Teo, University of Virginia
Title: From Interacting Majorana to Universal Fractional Quasiparticles

Date: February 21
Speaker: Johnpierre Paglione, University of Maryland
Title: TBA

Date: February 28
Speaker: Nour E. Raouafi, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Title: Parker Solar Probe: Breaking New Boundaries in Space Exploration

Date: March 20
Speaker: Jennifer Burt, NASA JPL
Title: TBA

Date: March 27
Speaker: N. Peter Armitage, Johns Hopkins University
Title: On Ising's Model of Ferromagnetism

Date: April 3
Speaker: Aparna Venkatesan
Title: TBA

Date: April 10
Speaker: Sam Halverson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Title: TBA

Date: April 17
Speaker: John DiTusa, Louisana State University
Title: In Search of Topological Spin Textures

Date: April 24
Speaker: Midhat Farooq, Americal Physical Society
Title: TBA