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Mason welcomes its community to campus for fall 2020 semester with in-person instruction, online classes, and research activities.  Review Mason's Safe Return to Campus Plan.


Statement on Recent Events - From Dean Andalibi and College of Science Diversity Officers

Dear Colleagues,   
COVID-19 has taken the lives of over 370,000 people around the world and that of over 105,000 of our fellow Americans. It has created an unprecedented disruption in our lives and livelihoods. Yet, as we wept for each life that we lost, we came together as a global community, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or political view, to fight this scourge. Through sheer will and solidarity, we have been able to get the best of it and with the advent of a vaccine, we may be able to once again return to the normal cadence of life.  
There is, however, a more ancient and virulent virus whose symptoms we are once again witnessing. The virus of bigotry and hatred has infected many over the millennia and is particularly difficult to eradicate. It has claimed more lives than COVID-19 and has disrupted the cadence of lives of millions across the world throughout the history of mankind. Its effect is not on the lungs but on the hearts and souls of women and men. It distorts their image of themselves and the rest of humanity. It blinds them to the beauty within their fellow humans and deafens them to the cries of their suffering. It creates a deranged world of "us versus them", where the former view themselves as being superior to the latter. 
The only cures for this terrible condition are science and reason. We in the College of Science (COS) not only have the responsibility to disseminate these cures, but to also be exemplars of tolerance, inclusion and open mindedness. COS is a harmonious collective of diversities in every sense. Our community of faculty, staff and students reflects the far reaches of the globe, transcends socioeconomic status, goes beyond ancestry and physical attributes and rises above the injustices of the past.  As a family, we embrace and support one another and stand together against infectious racism, bigotry, injustice, and discrimination – at work and outside. But as we look at bigotry in the outer world, we also recognize that it is imperative to introspect and admit our own biases so that we can make a relentless effort to accept and respect the experiences of others.  
As members of the Family of Science, we have the duty not only to innovate, but also to ensure that everyone has equal access to opportunity in our place of work and learning.  We know that we are responsible and accountable for creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive culture. We shall continue to stand against divisiveness and will never allow ignorance, hate, and racism, to sully our home for learning, discovery, innovation, and impact.  We shall also strive to provide an environment that enables each member of the COS Family to live a balanced, productive and healthy life devoid of fear and oppression. 
Regardless of race, creed, color, or sexual orientation, all members of the COS Family are welcome at the College and at George Mason University, and we intend to keep it that way.          
Ali Andalibi   
Dean (Interim)  
College of Science 
Gerald Weatherspoon   
Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry  
Chief Diversity Officer for Faculty   
College of Science   
Lillian Virgil   
Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research   
Chief Diversity Officer for Staff   
College of Science