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Spring semester begins Monday, January 25, with a mix of in-person instruction and expanded online classes. Visit Mason’s Safe Return to Campus Plan for COVID-19 updates.

Testing DNA

Three PhDs awarded in Chemistry and Biochemistry Spring 2020

Congratulations to our newest PhDs! 

from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 
in Spring 2020 

Dr. Carol A. Ajjan

Dissertation Title: “Noncovalent Binding of Anthracene and Ciprofloxacin with Molecular Pseudophase: Fluorescence and pH Studies”;
Dr. Gregory Foster, Dissertation Chair

Dr. Haley S. Ball

Dissertation Title: “Development of Novel Antibiotics Targeting the First Committed Enzyme in the Methylerythritol Phosphate Pathway: MEP Synthase”;
Dr. Robin Couch, Dissertation Chair

Dr. Nickolaus K. Weise

Dissertation Title: “Analysis of Premature Degradation to High Performance Aerospace Military Coatings”;
Dr. Gerald Weatherspoon, Dissertation Chair