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2022 Student Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Student Award winners. 

The College of Science is pleased to recognize the following students for their achievements and accolades for the Spring 2022 semester. 

Dean's Award Winners 

Dean's Awards

Dean Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm awards these extraordinary students for their academic excellence and their achievements in and beyond the classroom. 

Graduate Student Awards 

Dean’s Graduate Award of Excellence in Research

Qian Liu, Geography and Geoinformation Science

Dean’s Graduate Award of Excellence in Teaching

Jude Baswari, Forensic Science Program

Dean’s Student Award: Excellence in Service

Aleyah Dawkins, Mathematical Science

Undergraduate Student Awards

Dean’s Undergraduate Student Award: Excellence in Academics and Research

Michael Reefe, Physics and Astronomy


Graduate Student Awards

Department of Biology

Elaine Joyce Outstanding Biology Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award

Michelle Devlin

Shawn Smith

Ben Stablow

Innovative Teaching Award

Alex Di Giovanni

Stephanie Kortchak

Jordan Sims

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Masters Graduate Student Research Award

Eric C. Arkfeld

Doctoral Graduate Student Research Award

Callista M. Skaggs

Graduate Student Teaching Award in General Chemistry

Callista M. Skaggs

Mariia Ivanchenko

Graduate Student Teaching Award in Organic Chemistry

Dani Harrison

Graduate Student Service Award

Nia Pollard

Carissa Hunter

Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Best Doctoral Dissertation Award

Layne Bolen

Greatest Impact Award

Vera Solovyeva

Best MS Thesis Award

Samantha Mohney

Forensic Science Program

Faculty Award

Jude Basrawi

Taryn Firth

Achievement Award

Jacqueline Horton

Paige Riley

Service Award

Megan Morales

De Lara Taylor

Kristin Zillmann

Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science

Outstanding Graduate Certificate Student

Sarah Mehaffey

Outstanding Master’s Student

Cora Stern

Outstanding PhD Student

Li Lin

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Clarke Family Award for Excellence in Analysis, Algebra, or Topology

Deanna Easley

Cigole Thomas

T.C. Lim Graduate Award for Excellence in Teaching

Aleyah Dawkins

Martha Hartt

Jackson Williams

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Outstanding Physics PhD Dissertation

Ryan Pfeifle

Outstanding Physics and Astronomy Graduate Teaching Assistant

Kevin Collins

Nishchal Thapa Magar

Outstanding Master’s Graduate

Ashton C. Brown

School of Systems Biology

Best Master's Thesis 

Anastasia Williams (BIOL)

Best Doctorate of Philosophy Dissertation 

John Hamre (BCB)

School of Systems Biology Impact Award (PhD Student)

Adeyemi Olanrewaju (BIOS)

Yuriy Kim (BIOS)

School of Systems Biology Impact Award (MS Student)

Graham Matulis (BIOL)

Graduate Student Outreach Award

Zachary Cuba (BIOL)

School of Systems Biology Award in Data Analysis (MS or PhD Student)

Pooja Khatkar (BCB)

Navachat Tongvichit Bioinformatics Memorial Fellowship

Steven Bowers (BCB)

Undergraduate Awards

Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences

Certificate of Achievement in Computational Atmospheric Sciences

Ruby Nguyen

Certificate of Achievement in Meteorology

Ruby Nguyen

Department of Biology

Honors in Biology

Einas Abu El Hawa

Solman Chehayeb

Julia Hakeem

Thomas Hutchinson

Taharah Islam

Kaci Jose

Jackson Kair

Sydney Nixon

Maria Severa Pangelinan

Taylor Scott

Natalie Vandernoot

Biology Writing Award

Zainab Qazlbash

Faculty Award

Misk Al Ameen

Jacquelyn Batchelor

Jackson Kair

Garrett Rich

Fall Award

Sydney Nixon

Louise Singer

Research Semester Award

Archi Sehgal

Hasti Zendehdel

Rockwood Pre-health Award

Meryam Amer

Heather Andes

Sean Diment

Aparna Nanduru

Noor Veer Singh

Marion Lobstein Award

Trent Grasso

Melissa Stanley Medical Laboratory Science Award

Shammelah Silveron

Senior Award

Thomas Hutchinson

Dana Moskowitz

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

General Chemistry Achievement Award

Naomi Alemayehu

Feinstein Award in General Chemistry

Amanda McGrath

American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry Award

Annieka M. Reno

C.R. Walter Award in Organic Chemistry

Nicolas Alt

Meites-American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry

Ian Lee Teng

Holly Chen Biophysical Chemistry Award

Ralston Smith

American Chemical Society Physical Chemistry Award

Alison Carroll

American Chemical Society Senior Chemistry Award

Keith T. Clark

Leadership in Chemistry Scholarship

Annie McAllister

Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Outstanding Student in Conservation

Sam Arnone

Sean Engle

Outstanding Student in Ecological Science

Grace Loonam

Grace Moody

Outstanding Student in Environmental Health

Ryan Tetreault

Outstanding Student in Human and Ecosystem Response to Climate Change Concentration

Luke Cannon

Matt Collins

Outstanding Student in Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Ecology

Riley Robinson

Outstanding Student in Wildlife

Sydney Jackson

Faith Kruger

Forensic Science Program

Achievement Award

Madalyn Bowers

Kristen Davis

Service Award

Nicole Brown

Rebekah Eisenfeld

Curtis Mack

Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science

Outstanding Undergraduate Student (BA)

Katherine Rocchio

Outstanding Undergraduate Student (BS)

Emma Von Hoene

Highest Undergraduate GPA

William Siepmann

Outstanding Service Award

Emma Von Hoene

Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience

Outstanding Neuroscience Researcher Award

Jaqueline Escobar

Estiphanos Wodajo

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Neuroscience Award

Sohale Hessavi

Zahid Khan

Parsa Nadali

Neuroscience Faculty Choice Award

Nazaria Burke

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Klaus Fischer Award for Academic Achievement in Mathematics

George Andrews

Jolypich Pek

Mary K. Cabell Award to the Outstanding Mathematics Student

Zachary Richey

Genevieve G. Feinstein Award in Cryptography

Brandon Barreto-Rosa

Amer Beslagic Award

Ryan Nguyen

Mary Nelson Award for Excellence in Teaching

Merold Saffa

Mary Nelson Award for Excellence in Community Outreach

Aidan Donahue

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Outstanding Graduating Senior

Michael Reefe

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Darwin Quiroz

Michael Reefe

School of Systems Biology

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholar

Zainab Qazalbash