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Real World Problem Solving

The minor provides an attractive option for students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) who wish to augment their major degree program with additional courses in modeling, simulation, data science, and scientific computing. The combination of computer science, numerical methods, science, and computational and data sciences (CDS) synthesis courses will significantly enhance the practical knowledge and computational skills of the students when compared with the major field alone.


Program Highlights

In today's data-focused world, data science can be leveraged across any career or discipline. The Computational and Data Sciences Minor can be a key differentiator for our students who understand the value of a strong computational skill set.

Although the minor is fifteen credits, seven can be shared with your major. Popular classes include:

  • Computing for Scientists
  • Scientific Information and Data Visualization
  • Social Network Analysis

Course Catalog

Review admission and course requirements for this degree: