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Mason welcomes its community to campus for fall 2020 semester with in-person instruction, online classes, and research activities.  Review Mason's Safe Return to Campus Plan.

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Our fast-growing department uniquely focuses on the “science of data” and the exploration of evolving analytical techniques.  

The Department of Computational and Data Sciences, as a global leader, is one of only a few departments that offers degrees at all levels (bachelors, masters, and two PhDs).


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    227 Research Hall, Fairfax Campus

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Research Hall at George Mason University's Fairfax campus

Data scientists in demand

Global business continues to rapidly evolve, and its new currencies are data and knowledge. Corporate, medical, and military industries rely heavily on data scientists who can accurately analyze and predict phenomena based on data.

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Multidisciplinary academic programs

CDS faculty collectively represent diverse educational backgrounds including economics, geography/geoinformation systems, materials science, computer science, foreign policy, and physics.

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NFL Combine Data Explorer Project by Computational Sciences

As a final project for CDS professor Michael Eagle’s class - CSI 703: Scientific and Statistical Visualization, Carson Bulgin and William Wautlet (MS students) created a data visualization tool that compares college football players for the NFL draft. Their project, explained in more detail in this video, allows users to examine relevant statistics between players and presents the data in a clean, well-organized interface through a series of radar charts, histograms, and parallel coordinates charts.

CDS News & Events



Colloquium on Computational Social Science/Computational Data Sciences

Oct 30, 2020/3:00 - 4:30 PM

What has Happened to American Firms and their Employees During the Pandemic? Professor Robert Axtell, Computational Social Science Ph.D.


Research Colloquium on Computational Social Science/Data Sciences Upcoming Speakers

Nov 6, 2020/3:00 - 4:30 PM


Anna Scherbina, Associate Professor, Finance, Brandeis.


Topic: TBA


Research Colloquium on Computational Social Science/Data Sciences Upcoming Speakers

Nov 13, 2020/11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


Bob Rowthorn, Professor, Economics and Jan Maciejowski, Professor of Control Engineering, University of Cambridge (Please note: this talk will be scheduled on Friday morning EST.)