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Dean's Blog: New Science Dean tours research facilities

Dean Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm
Dean Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

I’ve recently had the chance to meet with faculty and students from many of our research facilities on the Fairfax, Science and Technology, and Potomac Science Center campuses and am impressed and amazed by our capabilities, discoveries and impact potential. These visits contribute to my goal of connecting with our 15 distinct research centers, the 40 research and instructional faculty brought onboard in 2020, and the college's 164 research and instructional labs for meaningful discussions within the year.

My sincere appreciation to all of our researchers who, despite the pandemic conditions, continued to maintain a high level of productivity and find creative ways to safely continue our important work. And thank you all for your patience as we successfully completed a number of lab renovations to handle the influx of equipment and students. It's clear, we are poised to take our scientific research contributions to the next level.

Some College of Science research stats from the previous year:

Our total research expenditures were $32.7M and our college continues to be the unit generating the largest share (38%) of Mason’s indirect (F&A). Our researchers also generated the largest number of proposals for the University 545, a 31% increase compared to the number of proposals the College of Science submitted the prior year.

These photos capture exciting elements of our research portfolio. But I’m hungry for more. Please do continue to share your success stories with me; despite the currently socially distanced/virtual nature of our work, continue to keep us apprised of your collective discoveries.

I look forward to learning more about our college’s research accomplishments and championing them across Mason and with various industry, federal and scientific leaders and potential supporters.

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