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We can stand strong together

During last week’s State of the College address, I noted the pride we take in serving our students. Driven by access, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, we pursue exciting and consequential educational experiences and research. And we thrive by actively engaging within our community, collaborating with sought after professional partners.

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Exploratory Hall at George Mason University Fairfax Campus

Time to plug inOctober 11, 2022

You’ve recently come to hear the phrase, ‘plug in’ to refer to types of electric cars. Another meaning of this phrase is to be ‘in the know’ or to engage with some activity or organization. Ironically, the end result is the same; both meanings bring a charge and impetus for movement for something or someone.

Now it’s your time…to plug in

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Ciencia para todosOctober 5, 2022

Last week, I shared my views on “fitting in” and this blog will discuss this topic again from another’s perspective. To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month for the College of Science, I am thrilled to share words from our own Dr. Valerie Olmo, biology professor and student advisor.

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Dr. Olmo

Finding your fitSeptember 29, 2022

Over my life and my career, I have heard the word “fit” so many times in the context of being part of a community. In my view, fitting or not fitting forces all of us to try to conform to some sort of preconceived pattern or mold -- which we rarely know where it comes from. This can lead to what is known as “impostor syndrome.”

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