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Dr. Thomas Lovejoy presents the grim reality of increased human contact with wildlife

In an article published by the Guardian on April 25, 2020, Dr. Tom Lovejoy, University Professor and faculty in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, College of Science at George Mason University, issued some comments that presents the grim reality of increased human contact with wildlife.

“Scientists are discovering two to four new viruses are created every year as a result of human infringement on the natural world, and any one of those could turn into a pandemic. (…) This is not nature’s revenge, we did it to ourselves.”  Read the full article here:

His comments were made to mark the release of a report by the Center for American Progress arguing that the U.S. should step up efforts to combat the wildlife trade to help confront pandemics.

Experts remain divided on how to regulate the vast trade in animals, with many concerned the poorest are most at risk because their livelihoods often depend on wild resources and indiscriminate bans on the wildlife trade will affect their survival.