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Faculty creatively taps Twitter to introduce students in new lab

College of Science Dean Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm recently toured Biology Assistant Professor Brett Froehlich's lab on Mason's Science and Technology campus in Manassas, VA. In addition to sharing background on his research and why he came to this area--moving to the Chesapeake Bay from North Carolina to examine bacteria infecting oysters, he gamefully posed with the college's social media icon, SAM (an acronym students chose which stands for Science at Mason).   

Froelich, not only has a great sense of humor (ask him how to make oyster milkshakes), he is also social media savvy using Twitter to welcome and introduce his new students working in the lab.

Froelich Lab students 2020
Dr. Brett Froelich introduces the students in his lab via social media on Twitter.

Due to COVID-19, it's not as easy to connect people into a new science community. Newcomers don't get as many opportunities for normal day-to-day interactions and, thanks to mask wearing, faces are covered. The college's and departments' social media channels are very active (Twitter, Instagram, Instagram SAM, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) offering updates on people, places and science stories of research efforts, milestones and discoveries. Sharing professional stories, either on your own social channels or via the college's social network can create and strengthen connections. To learn more, contact the college's marketing and communications team at