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Fall 2020 Course Flyers – Department of Environmental Science and Policy

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(Flyers listed alphabetically by course name)

♦ Conservation Medicine

♦ Ecosphere: Introduction to Environmental Science I



♦ Ecosphere: Introduction to Environmental Science II 



♦ Ecosystem Analysis and Modeling

♦ Energy and Climate Action Planning

♦ Energy Policy

♦ Environmental Microbiology Essentials

♦ Evidence-based Policymaking

♦ Experimental Design for Environmental Scientists

♦ Food, Energy, Water (FEW) Nexus

♦ Fundamentals of Ecology

♦ Histology

♦ Human Dimensions of Global Climate Change: From Encounters to Actions

♦ Overview of Biodiversity Conservation

♦ Planetary Health

♦ Principles of Environmental Law

♦ R Programming for Environmental Scientists

♦ Science of the Environment II

Seats available in EVPP 507 Science of the Environment II, a fast-paced online course designed to build a Biology background across disciplines. Perfect course for students in Public Health, Engineering, IT, Communications, Policy and other backgrounds who need to build competency in Biology and Environmental Science.