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Atmospheric science

Mason Faculty on Reuters Climate Hot List


Five George Mason faculty are on Reuters’ Hot List of 1,000 most influential climate scientists.  The faculty include AOES professors Jagadish Shukla, Jim Kinter, and Bohua Huang, AOES emeritus professor Edwin Schneider, and long-time AOES collaborator Edward Maibach of the Communications Department.

Mason has as many faculty on the list as Harvard.  Other institutions with faculty on the list include MIT (8 faculty), Princeton University (6 faculty), and the University of Washington (8 faculty).

The list is based on the researcher’s number of publications, the relative number of citations, and references in publications and websites serving the general public. AOES scientists on the list have proposed strategies to advance the world climate prediction capacity, have served as lead authors of Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and have pioneered the study of predictability of climate.

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