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Mason researchers collaborate to study use of  game-based multimodal peripheral biofeedback in a higher education setting  through a new NSF funding award

Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Professor, Mathematical Sciences ; Holly C. Matto, Associate Professor, Social Work and; Siddharth Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Operations Managementreceived funding from LifeSpan Digital Health on a subaward from the National Science Foundation for the project: "Peripheral Autonomic Regulation Training (PART): Using Game-based Multimodal Peripheral Biofeedback in a Higher Education Setting."    

The researchers will work closely with Principal Investigator Jeffrey A. Cary from LifeSpan Digital Health and co-lead the project activities for project PART.  

Specifically, they will provide advising, guidance and related training on integrating bio-behavioral changes, design thinking approaches, computational data science algorithms, application development, and STEM-based approaches as PART evolves. The proposed project offers an opportunity for big data analytics to play a significant role in aiding the exploration and discovery process, improving the delivery of care, helping to design and plan healthcare policy, providing a means for comprehensively measuring, and evaluating the complicated and convoluted healthcare data.   

They will also select 100 participants and coordinate an experimental research study for evaluating the efficacy of the new technology developed as a part of this research. This will include developing and administering questionnaires, recording of various standardized self- report measures of psychophysiological activity, statistical analysis, and developing recommendation systems. 

Further, they will work with the project coordination team at LifeSpan Digital Health in the assessment and evaluation activities of project PART. 

Seshaiyer, Matto and Bhattacharya received $60,000 from LifeSpan Digital Health on a subaward from NSF for this project. Funding began in Oct. 2022 and will end in Sept. 2023.