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Professor receives funding to support predictive personalized public health - a novel paradigm to treat infectious disease

Timothy Sauer, Professor, Mathematical Sciences,received funding for the project: "Predictive Personalized Public Health (P3H): A Novel Paradigm to Treat Infectious Disease." 

For this project, Sauer, Tyrus Berry and their Mason collaborators will lead the mathematical development of prediction strategies for disease propagation in developing countries, using the combined genomic, meteorological, and geospatial data collected in this project. They will develop deterministic models using advanced dynamical systems techniques, and will guide the numerical analysis framework that is required to produce an optimized predictive model of infectious disease in the patients under study. 

Sauer received $61,765 from Yale University on a subaward from the National Institutes of Health for this project. Funding began in Sept. 2022 and will end in late Aug. 2023.