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Public Lecture on Climate Change

AOES Seminars

Hot earth

The Climate Dynamics fall semester seminar series will be kicked off with a nontechnical lecture for the general public by AOES Professor Jim Kinter.  Dr. Kinter will discuss the conclusions of the latest IPCC report on climate change, which was released earlier this month.  He will also talk about what this means for Virginia and what people can do to avoid the worst threats from climate change.

The New IPCC Climate Report: The Reality, the Inevitable, and Hope for the Future 
Jim Kinter, AOES and COLA (bio below) 
Wednesday, 25 August, 1:30pm, via Zoom.
To join, register in advance online.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Global warming due to human use of fossil fuel is now undeniable, as affirmed in the latest Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Virginians are not exempt from the ongoing changes – there will be a new normal, and we all need to prepare for it. Knowing where, when, and by how much our accustomed climate will change is critically important to plan for the coming decades. This seminar will explain why and how climate is changing, the impacts on our Commonwealth and the world, and possible responses. People alive today may include the last generation that can take action to avoid the direst consequences – it’s time to learn more about the climate crisis and what we can do about it.   

Speaker bio: 
Jim Kinter (Ph.D., 1984, Princeton University) is a Professor in the Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences and the Director of the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA). Dr. Kinter conducts original research on climate predictability, focusing on phenomena such as monsoons, El Nino, and climate change. Dr. Kinter served as a scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and as a faculty member at the University of Maryland in College Park, before helping to create COLA in 1993. Dr. Kinter has published over 110 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals and has served on numerous advisory boards and review panels for scientific research and supercomputing.

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