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Researchers transitioning training dataset labeling tool to support discoveries in Earth science and heliophysics

Chaowei Yang, Professor, Director, NSF Spatiotemporal Innovation Center, Geography and Geoinformation Science, and Jie Zhang, Professor, Physics and Astronomy, received funding for the project: "Transitioning a Training Dataset Labeling Tool (TDLT) to Support Discoveries in Earth Science and Heliophysics." 

The researchers are creating a generalizable training dataset labeling tool for both Earth and heliophysics by improving upon a prototype tool designed for Earth science.  

Specifically, they are extending an automatic sea ice labeling tool to identify coronal holes using Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) solar imagery.  

The end result will be the basis of a foundational training dataset labeling tool that can be readily deployed and rapidly trained across multiple science domains.  

The researchers received $143,997 from NASA for this project. Funding began in Aug. 2023 and will end in Aug. 2024.