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Atmospheric science

What is climate? Find out this fall with CLIM/GGS 312

This course is offered through a joint effort of the Departments of Atmospheric, Oceanic (AOES) and Geography and Geoinformation Science (GGS). The course focuses on exploring the relationships between the atmosphere, the oceans, water, land, vegetation, energy, and human systems through an interwoven understanding of the physical and biogeochemical fundamentals and constraints that influence the dynamics of climate variability and change. Lectures will be complemented with discussion sessions and written/oral exercises to emphasize applications of concepts. By the end of this course you will be able to answer questions such as....

What is climate?

How do Earth’s land, oceans and atmosphere interact to generate climate over time?

What factors drive climate locally, regionally and globally?

How does climate affect humans and how do humans affect climate?

CLIM/gss 312


Dr. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

Dean, College of Science



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