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Forensic scientist reconstructs face of Roman crucifixion

reconstructed face of the victim of a Roman crucifixion
The victim's face was reconstructed by forensic artist Joe Mullins. Credit: Impossible Factual/BBC

Forensic breakthrough as scientist reveals face of only person discovered crucified in Britain 

A forensic artist has recreated the face of the only man discovered crucified in Roman Britain, some 2,000 years ago - declaring “I am staring at a face from thousands of years ago”.

The reasons for the man being killed in such an agonizing way remains a mystery, but his remains, found in Cambridgeshire three years ago, show a two inch nail had been driven through his heel bone.

Professor Joe Mullins, of the Forensic Science Program, who works with the police to rebuild the faces of crime victims, carried out the reconstruction.

Using DNA and isotopic information, Mullins and colleagues concluded he was likely to have had brown hair and brown eyes. Thinning of his legs, punitive injuries and signs of immobilization all pointed to his having been crucified.

To learn more about the reconstruction, read the full BBC article. The Independent UK, Yahoo! News, and Smithsonian Magazine also covered the story.