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George Mason University and Georgetown campuses

A unique pathway to the health professions offered jointly by George Mason University and Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC).

GeorgeSquared (Advanced Biomedical Sciences) is a partnership between George Mason and Georgetown Universities that offers a nine-month pre-health preparatory, graduate-level program designed to help qualify students for medical, dental, or other health professional schools.

GeorgeSquared Biomedical Sciences Program Class of 2018

In This Program

Virtual Open House / Online Information Session

Get your specific questions answered and attend an online information session, view our current Open House and Recruiting Schedule.

Graduate Student Profile

James Steven Castro Argueta, CERG - ABS, 2020 Graduate of the GeorgeSquared program summarizes his experience after receiving an Outstanding Student Award.
James Steven Castro Argueta

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  • GeorgeSquared Program Main Office

    Katherine G. Johnson Hall, Suite 308, SciTech Campus

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Katherine G. Johnson Hall

Challenging Curriculum

Taught and administered by faculty from the Georgetown University Medical Center and George Mason University, this program provide a pathway to complete full master’s degrees at Georgetown or George Mason.

Advanced Biomedical Sciences students at graduation

Why the Biomedical Sciences Program?

65% success rate

2/3 of our students are admitted to a health professional school program within 2 years of completing our program.

80+ schools attended

Our alumni attend a wide range of medical, dental, and PA programs.

20+ languages spoken

Diverse student body with an average class size of 100 students to include representation from throughout the US and abroad.

Preparation for Success

Knowledgeable professors and support faculty provide personalized advising in addition to preparation for professional examinations  and study strategies (MCAT, DAT, GRE). Students take courses that are offered in traditional lecture format, small group hybrid/flipped format, or online/flipped format.

GeorgeSquared students in a study group

Supportive Community

Mason’s small, friendly Science and Technology campus and the GeorgeSquared cohort offers many student-initiated community service and professional development programs. There’s also a large alumni network to help connect you to opportunities. See where GeorgeSquared can take you.

GeorgeSquared students volunteering

Advanced Biomedical Sciences Program (GeorgeSquared) News & Events