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Dusting for fingerprints

George Mason University first academic institution in the United States to offer dedicated FARO Forensic 3D Laser Scanning Certification course

Professors Emily Rancourt and Kimberly Rule
Professors Emily Rancourt and Kimberly Rule after receiving their certification. Photo provided.

This past year, Mason’s Forensic Science Program  established its place as one of the nation’s premier programs in its field with a partnership with FARO Technologies, Inc. resulting in the first FARO-certified forensic science laboratory.

As part of the FARO partnership, Mason now offers a dedicated FARO Forensic 3D Documentation course. The course gives students the opportunity to become Certified Laser Scanner Operators, helping to propel them into their desired career fields within forensic science. To make this possible, Forensic Science Professors Emily Rancourt and Kimberly Rule recently became certified as FARO Authorized Instructors. The course begins this Spring 2023 as part of the Forensic Science MS program.

"FARO is the leader of the 3D laser scanning industry in forensic science merging science and technology,” Rule explained. “Top law enforcement and government agencies around the world use this equipment to assist in criminal investigations so the skills obtained in this course will help propel students into the workforce, making them marketable to numerous agencies,” said Rule.

The course, FRSC 515 FARO Forensic 3D Documentation, focuses on the operation of FARO laser scanners in conjunction with the use of the FARO scan software.  The Forensic Science application of this technology allows practitioners to quickly and accurately capture millions of data points of a crime scene or related object within minutes. This technology replaces the need for hand measurements which can take several hours and can include missing details with less accuracy. Mason students in this course will create accurate 3D scans in indoor and outdoor scenarios, import them into the software, extrapolate critical measurements, and prepare scan projects for courtroom presentation.  

"Professor Rule and I are honored to teach the very first dedicated FARO Forensic 3D Documentation Course to provide our students hands on experience with this cutting-edge technology,” Rancourt shared. “This is exactly the kind of excellent training consistent with the goals and vision of the College of Science to bring the best learning experience possible to our students.”

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