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University Day Service Awards honors faculty and staff for their years of service

(L-R) Flavia Colonna and Duane King
(L-R) Duane King and Flavia Colonna. Photo by Natasha Gilliam.

Congratulations to those in the College of Science celebrating a milestone year here at Mason. A special thank you to Flavia Colonna and Duane King for their 35 years of service to the university. 

Flavia Colonna joined Mason in 1985. While new to the Department of Mathematical Sciences, she appreciated the warm welcome she received, which influenced her decision to apply for a tenure track position after serving as a visiting professor for two years. "It's a lovely atmosphere and I'm really proud to be part of it," she said.

Duane King also joined Mason professionally in the mid-eighties though his Mason journey began in 1981 as a computer science major. "Mason has changed so much," he said. "It used to be all woods here that have since been replaced by buildings."

35 Years

Flavia Colonna, Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Roger 'Duane' King, Information Technology, Dean's Administration

30 Years

Estela Blaisten-Barojas, Professor and Director of Center for Simulation and Modeling, Computational and Data Sciences
Ruixin Yang, Associate Professor, Geography and Geoinformation Science, Assistant Director, Center for Earth Observing and Spatial Research Center

25 Years

Christine Amaya, Student Support Specialist, Mathematical Sciences
Owen Kelley, Research Scientist, Center for Earth Observing and Spatial Research Center
Jason Kinser, Associate Professor, Chair, Computational and Data Sciences
John Kwiatkowski, Director, Center for Earth Observing and Spatial Research
Carrie McVicker, Associate Director, Facilities and Operations, Dean's Administration
Gerald Weatherspoon, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

20 Years

Kerin Hilker-Balkissoon, Director of Educational and Career Pathways, Dean's Administration
Ancha Baranova, Professor, School of Systems Biology, Director, Center for Chronic Metabolic and Rare Diseases
Mario Gliozzi, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Rebecca Goldin, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Mathematical Sciences
Kim Largen, Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
Jonathan Mitchell, Research Instructor, Geography and Geoinformation Science, Center for Earth Observing and Spatial Research
Shobita Satyapal, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Valeriu Soltan, Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Daniel Thomas, Equipment Specialists, Physics and Astronomy
Balendran Velauthapillai, Research Associate, Center for Earth Observing and Spatial Research
Chaowei Yang, Professor, Geography and Geoinformation Science, Director, Center of Intelligent Spatial Computing for Water/Energy Science
Peisheng Zhao, Research Associate Professor, Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems

15 Years

Robert Axtell, Professor, Computational Social Science
Jennifer Bazaz Gettys, Director of Enrollment and Curriculum Management, Dean's Administration
Dieter Bilitza, Research Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Robin Couch, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rosa Gallagher, Senior Research Scientist, Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine
Xianjun Hao, Research Professor, Geography and Geoinformation Science, Environmental Science and Technology Center 
Kimberley Hodge, Medical Technologist (ASCP), Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine
Aarthi Narayanan, Associate Professor, Biology
Jessica Rosenberg, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Director of Education, Quantum Science and Engineering Center
Sally Rucker, Medical Technologist, Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine

10 Years

Maryellen Daniels, Grants and Finance Analyst, Geography and Geoinformation Science
Paul Dirmeyer, Professor, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences
Rebecca Jones, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Christopher Kennedy, Environmental Science and Policy
Younsung Kim, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Environmental Science and Policy
Arndt Laemmerzahl, Associate Professor, Biology, Director, Biology Undergraduate Research Semester
Francina Osoria, Senior Grants and Finance Analyst, Dean's Administration
Cynthia Smith, Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center
Cristiana Stan, Professor, Associate Chair, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences
Fabiola Suarez, Fiscal Technician, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Christine Tran, Purchasing Coordinator, Biology
Aman Ullah, Assistant Professor, School of Systems Biology, Neuroscience

5 Years

Elisa Baldelli, Research Associate, Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular
Laura Balmaceda, Research Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy Medicine
Gabriele Belle, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Steven Burmeister, Assistant Professor, Forensic Science
Gregory Craft, Academic Coordinator, Dean's Administration
Iulia Deneva, Research Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Benjamin Dreyfus, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Christopher Durac, Project Manager, Forensic Science
Amy Fowler, Assistant Professor, Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center
Olga Gkountouna, Assistant Professor, Computational and Data Sciences
Jessica Hanna, Senior Research Administrator, Physics and Astronomy
Vincent Hermoso, Professor of Medical Science
Natalie Lapidot-Croitoru, Human Resources/Fiscal Services Specialist, Environmental Science and Policy
Gwendolyn Lewis, Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator, Neuroscience
Eduardo Lopez Atencio, Director of Graduate Studies, Computational and Data Sciences
Tracy Mason, Assistant Dean, Strategic Communications and Marketing, Dean's Administration, Communications Director, DHS CINA Center
Ling Ren, Research Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
Allison Tomson, Professor, GeorgeSquared
Kristen Wever, Assistant Director, GeorgeSquared
Lillian Virgil, Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research, Dean's Administration