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Gravitational wave

Physics and Astronomy Colloquia, Spring 2022

Fridays at 3:30 p.m., online

March 4Richard Eastes, UC BoulderThe Thermosphere-Ionosphere System: Contributions by the Global-scale Observations of The Limb and Disk (GOLD) Mission
March 25Harald O. Jeschke, Okayama UniversityThe Frustrated World of Quantum Spin Liquids
April 22Jeremy Levy, University of PittsburghCorrelated Nanoelectronics and the Second Quantum Revolution
April 29Peter H. Jacobose, University of California BerkeleyGraphene Nanoribbons: A New Platform for Quantum Engineering

Physics and Astronomy Colloquia, Fall 2021

Fridays at 3:30 p.m., online

Sept 3Yafis Barlas, University of NevadaCorrelated and Topological Phases in Flat Bands of Two-Dimensional Crystals
Sept 10Avi Loeb, Harvard UniversityThe Galileo Project: In Search of Technological Interstellar Objects
Tuesday Sept 14, Planetary Hall 263, NoonSpecial Event: Max Joshua, Blue Skies Space Ltd.The Twinkle Space Mission: an update on the international collaborative exoplanet survey
Thursday Sept 16, Planetary Hall 263, NoonSpecial Event: Kaitlin Rasmussen, University of MichiganConstraining the Drake Equation: The Past, Present, and Future of the Search for Life
Sept 17Pedram Roushan, Google Inc. Santa BarbaraGoing Beyond Classical Computation with Superconducting Qbits
Sept 24Craig DeForest, Southwest Research InstitutePUNCH it! Unifying Solar Physics and Solar Wind Physics
Oct 1Dilek Yildiz, NISTJoule Meets Van der Waals: Non-Contact Energy Dissipation on a Topological Insulator Surface
Oct 8Tanya Zelevinsky, Columbia UniversityHigh-Precision Physics and Chemistry with Ultracold Molecules
Oct 15Peter Siegfried, George Mason UniversityElectronic and magnetic topological states in the Kagome-net magnet YMn6Sn6
Oct 22Jean-Damien Pillet, Ecole PolytechniqueGuiding Dirac Fermions in Graphene with a Carbon Nanotube
Oct 29Fabian Natterer, University of ZurichCombining Sparse Sampling and Parallel Spectroscopy for Rapid Quasiparticle Interference Imaging
Nov 5Liuyan Zhao, University of MichiganDetecting, Mapping, and Manipulating a Ferro-Rotational Order in Solids
Nov 12You Zhou, University of MarylandEngineering Light-Matter Interactions in Atomically Thin Semiconductors
Nov 19Jie Shan, Cornell UniversityElectrons in 2D Moiré Superlattices