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Math Boot Camp

July 19 - 23, 2021 - Monday through Friday
on campus with residential and commuter options  

During the 5-day residential camp, students are assembled into small working groups based on skill level to obtain deeper understanding of mathematical concepts in algebra, trigonometry or calculus. The goal is to improve math placement scores and prepare for Mason math courses. Math professors, graduate students and undergraduate learning assistants will provide guidance and support to each camp attendee. On the first day (if needed) and last day of camp, students will have the opportunity to take the math placement test.  Participation in the camp adds one additional opportunity to the Mason two-attempt limit (max 3, total). 

The camp is in-person on Mason’s Fairfax campus, Students can choose to reside on Mason’s Fairfax campus for the week or commute to and from campus.  

  • $450 – on-campus residents  
  • $250 – commuters  

STEM Bridge Camps

Two options will be offered for STEM Bridge Camp:

  • July 26 - 27, 2021 (Biology/Chemistry), Monday and Tuesday
    hybrid (in-person and online) 

  • July 29 - 30, 2021 (Math/Physics/Engineering), Thursday and Friday
    hybrid (in-person and online) 

Experience science courses and the college lifestyle before the fall semester. In this two-day intensive, Students review lab protocol, exam preparation, and lectures with Mason faculty. There will also be short advising, career sessions, and a virtual evening hangout. 

This camp is hybrid with options for in-person and online participation. Students can choose to reside on Mason’s Fairfax campus for the night, commute to and from camp, or attend online.  

  • $150 – commuters (in person) 
  • $50 add-on to stay in a Fairfax Campus dorm  
  • $100 – online  

We strongly encourage students to attend camp in person!  The social interaction that occurs during camp activities is difficult to recreate in the online environment.  In-person campers often make strong connections with peers and faculty that support them through their entire college experience.   

University Transitions (UNIV 108)
Students that participate in STEM camps are also strongly encouraged to enroll in the associated University Transitions (UNIV 108; 0-1 credit) course for the fall semester. In this course students will continue to work with their camp cohort and build the skills necessary to effectively transition to university life. 

University Transitions (UNIV 108)

Students that participate in STEM camps are also strongly encouraged to enroll in the associated University Transitions (UNIV 108; 0-1 credit) course for the fall semester. In this course students will continue to work with their camp cohort and build the skills necessary to effectively transition to university life. 

COVID-19 Precautions and Protocols

There are new rules in place for on-campus participation. Camp staff and participants must: 

  • Complete the Mason Covid Health Check daily. Campers must show “green screen” clearance before being allowed to attend camp each day (no exceptions) 
  • Wear face coverings as required per University Policy 1415  
  • Observe physical distancing rules 
  • Follow hygiene guidelines, including hand sanitizer, which will be available in multiple locations 
  • If staying on campus - Provide proof of negative PCR Covid-19 test result from all overnight camp staff and campers prior to arrival at camp. Tests should be completed no more than 72 hours before arrival. An antibody test will not be accepted. 

Contact the STEM Accelerator with any questions:  

FAQs: Camp Operations

Are procedures in place for COVID-19 response?

In addition to our COVID-19 protocols (Mason Health Checks, masks, social distancing, and hygiene), all Mason-sponsored summer programs are required to have a comprehensive COVID-19 plan in place. If a camp staff member or camper is potentially exposed to COVID-19, we will implement our plan and notifications will be sent to campers, parents, and Mason’s COVID Navigation Team. 

What time with camp begin each day?

The Math Boot Camp (July 19-23) will run from 9am - 5pm each day with a lunch break. The STEM Bridge Camps (week of July 26) will run 9am – 4pm with a virtual social on the evening of the first day, time TBA. Schedules will be posted on the website soon. 

Can I register for multiple camps?

Yes, you can register for as many camps as you would like. 

Is housing provided for the Math Boot Camp and STEM Bridge Camp?

Yes, options for limited university housing are offered through registration. Rooms will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Due to COVID-19 protocol, housing will be in single occupancy bedrooms with suite-style bathrooms. 

Should I bring my own bedding

Yes, you do need to bring bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows). 

FAQs: Math Boot Camp

Who should register for Math Boot Camp?

The Math Boot Camp is specifically designed for students who did not test into the math course they require/desire on their first attempt. If you tested into Calc I or below, you should consider the Math Boot Camp. Students who have not taken the math placement exam may also register. Visit this link for additional details on the Math Placement Test or contact us at

I have AP/IB or some other equivalent credits in math. Should I still participate in Math Boot Camp?

Yes. Participating in the Math Boot Camp will enable you to solidify your skills in Algebra, Trigonometry, and transcendentals to prepare you for your full math class. 

I already placed into the math course I wished to be in on the math placement exam. How can I still participate in Math Boot Camp?

If you have taken the math placement exam and placed into the course you needed, congratulations! If you qualify for MATH 114 (Calc II) or higher, you are too advanced for the Math Boot Camp, but please consider registering for our STEM Bridge Camp (Math/Phys/Eng), July 29-30.

FAQs: STEM Bridge Camp

Why should I participate in STEM Bridge Camp?

The camp gives you an opportunity to experience university life before the semester begins. In addition, you will have the opportunity to preview lecture and lab courses in a smaller class size environment; ideal for getting to know your professors compared to larger lectures. 

What will I learn at STEM Bridge Camp?

During STEM Bridge Camp, you will have the opportunity to see sample exam questions, learn problem solving and test-taking strategies from current students and faculty.  We will also have active discussions on time management, campus life, and offer insider tips for success in your first semester. Course content will vary per camp. For example, in the Biology/Chem camp (July 26 and 27), we will offer brief introductions to foundational concepts taught in introductory biology, chemistry and physics courses through lecture and lab experiences.  

Will an online camper receive the same experience as an overnight/commuter camper?

Unfortunately, not.  Although the online camp experience will be valuable and informative, it will not be the same as the on site experience.  Campers who stay overnight or commute to camp will have more time to build relationships with fellow campers, peer leaders, and faculty.  They will also have the opportunity to experience life on campus.  We encourage campers to attend in-person, if at all possible.